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With over 4.6 billion users of social media worldwide, social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic towards your business. It helps by:

BUILDING BRAND AWARENESS which is one of the most important marketing goals. Consumers have a high level of brand loyalty which leads to long term business benefits.


GENERATES ORGANIC CONVERSATION ABOUT YOUR BRAND. A high visible presence will accelerate conversations about your products and brand.

HELPS BUILD CUSTOMER LOYALTY. Over 80% of consumers buy from brands they follow on social media. Be sure to keep them engaged by offering promotions from time to time such as giveaways, discount codes etc

HELPS YOU TO UNDERSTAND YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS INTERESTS. Social Listening can help you to identify the latest trends and interests your audience has to engage them effectively with your products and brand.

HELPS PROVIDE RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Investing in customer service online allows your audience to develop meaningful relationships with your company and place a strong likelihood of recommending your brand to others.

HELPS DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE. Driving traffic to your website will not only drive sales but allows for more diverse inbound traffic streams in a very cost-effective manner.

HELPS YOU TO IDENTIFY TRENDS IN CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR. Understanding your audience is a key element to giving you an insight on how they make purchases and are influenced by the latest trends.

We Cover the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


✔ BIO set up and page optimisation
✔ SEO for each platform 
✔ Social media logos & covers implemented 
✔ Monthly customised social media strategy

✔ Create attractive & relevant content 
✔ Branded posts with your logo/ website 

✔ Scheduling of weekly posts/ stories
✔ Hashtag research  

✔ High quality stock images
✔ Client approval 
✔ Results reporting

✔ Engaging captions for each post

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